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Amazing view to the Valle del Bove from 2700 meters at the highest point of the tour

The uncomparable beauty of the Alcantara gorges

Nice walk on the edge of the Summit Craters

Sandy channel going down in the last part of the tour

Nice overview on the Summit Craters at 3300 meters

Walks on the desertic lava flows on Etna at the sunset. Drone video from Alexander Marent

A great video concerning the Alcantara gorges

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Amazing flank craters with the unique Autumn colors on Etna


Pictures of the spectacular eruption taking place on Etna in Spring 2019

After 10 years Etna starts to erupt again from a new flank fracture

Recent photos of the explosive activity of Etna

Some more pictures concerning one of the last eruptive events from the summit area of the volcano.

Some spectacular pictures from the one of the last eruptions on Etna.

Visiting the summit craters at 3300 meters of altitude. End of Januray 2018

A customised tour with a bigger group from the company Omicron electronics.

Fun and relax in an unforgettable day (September 2018)

The unique drone pictures with a view from above to the cave and the craters visited with the Omicron group. Amazing tour, amazing pictures!!

Really hard to find a more beautiful experience than walking by snowshoes on Etna.

Unique tour on Etna by snowshoes with ice, snow and smoking Etna in the background

Nice tour on the volcano with 3 great participants amongst whom a superb photographer (February 2018)

A great tour to go up to 2000 meters and visit the amazing Valle del Bove with a wonderful volcanic landscape on the way

Great tour at 2000 meters with two couples to see the volcanic landscape while enjoying explosion from the summit craters

Beautiful walk to some flank crater on Etna at the sunset with wonderful views

The magnificent and unique Alcantara gorges... an unforgattable landscape of incomparable beauty

Walking up to 1800 meters in order to see the massive formation of Valle del Bove.

Visiting Etna at 1800 meters of altitude enjoying the first few snow

Nice walks and stunning views along the mythological Cyclop coast

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